We are experts when it comes to the correct installation, repair and maintenance of fire doors, ensuring those in your building are protected in the correct way


We supply and fit interior, exterior and high security fire doors, fire rated partitions, emergency fire exits for commercial, industrial, educational and residential buildings in London and the surrounding area.


We can create beautifully designed, high quality, bespoke fire doors that offer fire resistance and smoke control - custom sizes, choice of interior and exterior wood and screen glazes with FD30, FD60 or higher fire ratings.


Regular repairs, upgrades and maintenance for fire doors is a legal requirement. RSS can assist with ongoing fire door efficiency and regulation compliance. We will work with you to ensure that your fire doors meet the required safety standards to give you peace of mind and be fire safe.


Our group partner fire door firm, Aksum, is fully qualified to check that your fire doors are effective and compliant with the law. We provide on-site fire door inspections of existing fire doors, partitions and screens, analyse Fire Risk Assessments and advise on any repair work that is required to be 100% compliant.

Fire Door Installation Company

Fire Door Company in London

Fire doors might not be the most glamorous aspect of your building, however there aren’t many things that are more important. At RSS, we’re experts when it comes to the correct installation, repair and maintenance of fire doors, ensuring those in your building are protected in the correct way.

We are able to assist with every aspect of fire door installation and maintenance. Our engineers are trained to the highest standards, meaning that you can be sure that your fire doors meet the exacting standards required by law.

What’s more, the fire doors we supply are all compliant with regulations and we always stay knowledgeable about the latest changes to health and safety law surrounding fire doors in commercial, residential and public buildings.

To find out more about our fire door services in London and the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01375 767570.

Supply & Fit of Fire Doors in London

We provide a full service when it comes to fire doors, from supplying the doors needed for installation, through to maintaining fire doors on a regular basis. Below you’ll find a brief rundown of the different fire door services we offer to clients:

It is often the case that many clients combine the different services above, in order to create their own bespoke package. We’d be happy to provide you with a competitive quote if this is something of interest to you.

Fire Doors Installation

Entrance, Internal & External Fire Doors

You may or may not be aware that fire doors are graded. For example, an FD30 fire door will provide protection for 30 minutes, while an FD60 fire door provides protection for 60 minutes. The better the grading, the better the fire door will protect you and your building.

If you would like your fire doors to offer greater protection in the event of fire, we can work with you to achieve this, sourcing the correct fire doors and components, and then installing them professionally to industry standards.

If you’re unsure as to whether your fire doors meet the required standards and therefore don’t know if they need replacing, please contact us. We will then be able to provide you with the advice you need.

FD30 Fire Door Supply & Installation

An internal door should be at least an FD30 fire door. Should you need an FD30 fire door installed, we are able to source the correct fire door for you. This means that it will comply with all Building Regulations and will therefore act as an effective barrier to fire. Installation will also include a frame that meets or exceeds the recommendations of the fire door provider.

FD60 Fire Door Supply & Installation

FD60 fire doors are thicker and heavier than FD30 fire doors, however they provide more protection. Whether you require an FD30 or an FD60 fire door depends on many factors. We are able to help you decide on the type of fire door required, and we’ll then also supply and install the door for you. Fire doors in excess of FD60 are rarely used, except for when trying to protect valuable property (such as data storage areas).

Commercial, Public & Residential Buildings

We are able to supply paint grade or veneered doors, along with all the relevant components. This is the case regardless of whether you’re installing fire doors in a residential, commercial or public building. As always, we will be able to provide the guidance needed when you’re trying to choose the most suitable fire door for your needs.

Interior Fire Door Installation

BM Trada / British Woodworking Federation Certified Fire Door Installers

Upon completion, all fire door works are certified by BM Trada or British Woodworking Federation registered inspectors to help make certain that the materials, products and processes that we test, inspect and certify for our customers are always safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

BM Trada
BWF - British Woodworking Federation

FAQs on Fire Doors - Residential & Commercial

Fire doors are an integral part of the fire safety setup in any building. They are designed to repel fire, as well as prevent smoke from spreading through the building. They also allow occupants an escape route. Fire doors are also a legal requirement in many buildings – you can read about this in the Government’s Approved Document B.

It is recommended that fire door maintenance is carried out by a trained and competent person at least once every six months. Maintenance should include checking of the actual door, as well as the frame and any components used. If problems are found, it is vital that remedial action is carried out as quickly as possible.

Essential Ironmongery includes components like hinges, locks and latches. All Essential Ironmongery must be CERTIFIRE approved in order to comply with the law. We will only ever used CERTIFIRE approved products when installing or repairing fire doors in your premises, to ensure your fire door provides the best possible protection from fire.

Fire doors come in many shapes, sizes and specifications, therefore it is impossible to tell you how much your fire door will cost. Please call or email us today with your requirements and we’ll happily provide you with an honest and competitive quote.

This depends on the fire door in question, as well as on the environment. We will do our best to install fire doors quickly, in order to minimise disruption, however we will never compromise on safety in order to finish an installation quickly.

Areas we Cover

We are based in Stanford-le-Hope and cover the entire area of London – RSS are regarded as one of the very best fire door contractors UK has to offer.

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